Best online platforms to apply jobs in 2024


Discovering India’s top hiring platforms to apply jobs in 2024. Find the best job boards and recruitment sites to make your career or grow your team.
in this article we are going to focus on a best online platforms to apply jobs in 2024 . There are few platforms that helps you for finding your future job and your dream job on the basis of your skills and your creativity.

Top Hiring Platforms

1. Naukri

Naukri is the best online platform which is going to help us for finding the job as a part time or a full time job

Popularity : In this platform there are millions of job seekers and employers in India. Millions set sail on Naukri every year, for making their business powerful and making it bustling market place for opportunity.


2. Found it (Previously Monster India)

It is mainly known as a monster India , it is another online platform for applying for the online jobs, it mainly explores a wide range of opportunities across various industries.

Popularity : A well-recognized brand with a strong employer network. it makes a attractive and it attracts a significant number of employers, making it a valuable platform for established companies looking for a top talented peoples


3. Linked in

It is a platform that tends a professional networking with a very strong and powerfull job search engine. It is the main magic of linkedin.

Popularity : this platform is mainly for a professional networking and career building. Millions of professionals use Linkedin, making it a powerful hub for career advancement.

4. Indeed

It is also a online platform which offers a refreshing solution ,that makes it unique as compaired to the other platforms.

5. Instahyre

It is an advanced hiring platform based on artificial intelligence, enabling recruiters to hire top talent peoples.

Popularity : It is a skilled developed platform where only skilled and professional peoples post their jobs and resume. It is rated about 4.5 out of 5 it mainly hiring a advance peoples .

6. Found it

It is previously known as Monster, it has been a household name in Indian job hunting since its origin.

Popularity : It was founded in 2010. Foundit boasts a vast collection of job postings across various fields, from IT and marketing to finance and healthcare. It also provides not only to experienced professionals but also offers resources and job postings specifically tailored to fresh graduates students. this quality makes it unique from other platforms

7. Freshersworld

It is a platform where the freshers found their jobs and the job is to be parttime or fulltime , It is mainly founded in 2006.

Popularity : As the name of this portal suggests, is for freshers and recent grads who do not have much work experience and are just beginning to look out for the job. It is one of the best job sites in India for freshers.

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